One learning objective for ENG 122 is “Begin to effectively integrate their ideas with those of others using summary, paraphrase, quotation, analysis, and synthesis of relevant sources.” We did a lot of this in the Big D Discourse paper. I analyzed Gee and Delpit’s pieces about discourses. I used their ideas and quoted and paraphrased them into my paper to integrate their ideas with my own. One example of this is when I wrote “Gee says that ‘the lack of fluency [in a discourse] may very well mark you as a pretender to the social role instantiated in the Discourse’ (10).” Here I quoted his work with the page number citation. Then I went on to analyze and interpret his work when I said “Gracie can be considered a mushfake, or ‘pretender’, because she really isn’t a pageant girl, and doesn’t have the desire to be a pageant girl.” In my conclusion I paraphrased their ideas in saying “The idea of acquiring a second discourse can lead to social disasters but as long as you try not to fall back on your primary discourse you can become fluent.” Gee and Delpit both believed in these social disasters and I paraphrased their ideas to fit in with my views. Going back to the beginning of the year I wrote about Barnett and  Nussbaum’s ideas of education. I analysed both of their views and wrote about how they were similar and different using quotes and paraphrases. One example is when I said “Nussbaum and Barnett both are in favor of higher education, but I agree more with Nussbaum’s views because she embraces the non traditional education approach for expanding students minds and skills.” I pulled ideas from both sides to come up with my own opinion on education.