One learning objective for ENG 122 is “Reasonably document their work using appropriate conventions (MLA)”.  In high school we used MLA format so I was pretty knowledgeable on how to cite things. When I got to college however, I mostly used APA citations so I forgot a little how to convert back and forth between MLA and APA. The three parts for MLA sources is using signal phrases, having a parenthetical reference, and creating a works cited page. For the Big D Discourse paper I spent lots of time on perfecting this because at first I just threw the quotes in but after reading peer comments I went back and fixed things. I used signal phrases such as “Gee introduced us to the ideas of, Delpit would agree in saying that, and According to Delpit”. I also made sure to include a page number after each quote. For my works cited page I went on google scholar and found the citations for Gee and Delpit’s papers and for the movie I used purdue owl to learn how to format the citation. MLA is something that I will use forever and need to keep up to date on so I can effectively use it in all my papers.  One example of a citation is “Gee says that ‘the lack of fluency [in a discourse] may very well mark you as a pretender to the social role instantiated in the Discourse’ (10).”