One learning objective for ENG 122 is “Control individualized patterns of sentence-level error“. This is the local level of revisions in papers focusing on grammar, punctuation, spelling, and basic sentence structure. I would grade myself a 5/5 on this skill. ¬†Coming into the course I didn’t have a lot of trouble with this but I definitely learned new things to make my papers just that much better. For example in the little seagull book we looked at sentence structure lesson which I applied to my Literacy Narrative. Also when writing the Big D Discourse paper we had two templates for paragraph structure (Triac/Barclay). I used these templates to format my paragraphs within my paper. The example below shows my use of Barclay’s structure in the Big D Discourse paper. These skills are things that I can and will always use to make my paper better on a local level.¬†eng-122-control-sentence-level-error-evidence