One learning objective for ENG 122 is “Employ techniques of active reading, critical reading, and informal reading response for inquiry, learning, and thinking”. ┬áReading has always been a struggle for me because I don’t like it and I don’t comprehend it easily. We did lots of active and critical reading. The skills we learned while annotating passages has helped a lot in my reading comprehension. I would rate myself a 3/5 for this skill. I still need to improve on taking my time and thoroughly reading so I can effectively complete assignments and participate in discussions. The first thing we annotated in class was the “Superman and Me” article by Sherman Alexie. At the time I thought I had the best annotations and comprehension until we had a class discussion and I realized that I didn’t get the whole thing. As we annotated more I learned to ask questions in the margins, look up words I didn’t know, and write little notes. In order to master this skill, next semester I need to continue to use the skills I have learned so far because the more I practice them the better my comprehension will be, which will help my writing in the long run.