My rough draft is all over the place. My path is not a straight line whatsoever. I revised some parts and added a strong intro with a clear point stated. I have a fork where I explain whether it is a primary or secondary discourse. One paragraph I say it is a secondary discourse only and then in the next paragraph I suggest that it may be a hybrid combo of both secondary and primary.  I also have some gaps because I am mostly summarizing my sources and not integrating them together to explain my claim. I need to work on my mastery of detail. Some places I do really well introducing the source, using a quote, and explaining in my own words how it connects to everything. Other places I state an idea or term from Gee with no background or definition of it, which can also cause gaps for the reader. Since I have now picked and stated my solid claim in the intro I can better structure my paper. I need to briefly talk about the 7 building tasks and focus and write more on the language part because I claimed that is the most important building task.

Time On Task: 60 minutes