As far as artifacts go, I originally had two in my paper. After writing the first draft I found a third but have not used it in my paper yet. I have enough artifacts, but Cripps suggested to find an article about family homebuilders. For the artifacts I already have I need to pull more from them, as well as from Gee. Quotes about mushfakers and masters will really make my argument solid by having his definitions of these two things. In the articles I chose for artifacts, I need to pull more about the language. I had “foundation” and “cure” but I need to find bigger pieces, such as sentences and phrases to really support my ideas.

In my revised draft I also need to add an introduction to my discourse and clearly state my argument. Hailey pointed out that I have two potential arguments:

  1.  You can’t mushfake your way into this discourse
  2. It is both a primary and secondary discourse

After talking to Cripps I found that even though it may have qualities of a primary discourse, it actually isn’t. I need to go back and talk about how it is just a secondary discourse and use evidence from my artifacts to support it. I will make my argument clear that you cannot mushfake your way into the construction discourse. To add to my argument about mushfaking I will add information about Gee’s ideas of transfer, early socialization,  and proteges.

Time on Task: 30 minutes