My chosen discourse is building houses. The first artifact I chose was an article titled Who’s Who on Your Building Team by Pat Curry. My other article is A Step-by-Step Guide to the Home Building Process by Susan Bady.

Building houses is a long process that involves many different people. Being a builder can either be a primary discourse because you can learn it at home when you are young from your family, or it could also be  secondary discourse that you acquire from school or work. The discourse of building houses is also dominant discourse because it brings in social goods such as money, learning new skills, gaining experience, and even bringing in more customers when they see the great work your company is capable of. As far as identities go, there are a lot. You start with the homeowner and home building firm. Within the building firm there are developers, architects, sales consultants, construction superintendents, and many more important roles. The house building discourse is very unique because it uses lots of “language” that means one thing to everyday people, but a whole different thing to the workers. One example from the Curry article is the word elevation, which in the case of building houses, means the look o the front facade of the home. Because of all these homographs, and other unique words, I think it will be hard to mushfake your way through this discourse.


Time on Task: 3.5 hours