For the second half of the semester we are starting a new project, the Discourse Analysis Project. I do not belong to many discourses so I had a hard time coming up with good ideas that I want to write about.

My first idea is being a Subway worker. I worked here for a little over a year in high school until I graduated. Being a subway worker is a much more complicated discourse than just knowing how to make sandwiches because there are rules for making sandwiches and specific language you use when working there.

Possible data sources- interview with a Subway manager, or even my own knowledge, employee handbook/manual.

Initial thoughts- I have lots of knowledge from working at Subway so it isn’t something I will need to do a lot of research on, but talking to someone who currently works there can refresh me on some things and also give insight to new rules and such that have been imposed since I left. The handbook/manuals that were at my subway showed you how to do everything from washing dishes, to prepping food, to customer service.

My second idea is the discourse of building houses. This is something that I am currently learning and very passionate about. There are many things that go with the discourse such as knowing specific names of tools and being able to decipher architect plans.

Possible data sources- interview with my dad and his crew, examples of house plans, examples of bid letters sent out to buyers.

Initial thoughts- I am not yet fluent in reading plans so this might be difficult but is a great learning opportunity for my future and will strengthen my paper. Also an interview with my dad is a secure plan that I know i will make happen and he is a master at the house building discourse so he will be a great source.

Lastly I do not have a third idea. Like I said before I am not part of many discourses so I have difficulty thinking of ideas. Maybe I could write about a sport I used to play, or how I used to ride horses, or do ballet, but honestly I am not interested in writing about a discourse from my past. I think my best bet for this paper is to write about my future, building houses.

time – 1 hour 20 minutes