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Month: February 2017

Revision Plan

  1.  In my literacy acquisition paper I affirm and add to ideas presented by Gee and Brandt.  My peer editors said the same thing. My example of Brandt’s sponsors and Gee’s masters was affirming and I added to this by claiming that Gee only talks about how to acquire discourses, not why. My literature narratives that I chose need some exploding. I only really summed them up and need to really make my connections to Gee and Brandt.
  2. At first I didn’t have an intro to the sources but after editing others papers I saw how they did it and fixed mine. I think I have a good intro for each and used the author name and article name for each source.  I repeated most of the details from the lit narratives. I think I can go back and take out the parts that don’t have a connection to my claims or a connection to Gee/Brandt.
  3. I have only read the parts we were assigned for class. If I dig deeper into their works it might be easier to make better, stronger connections. Also I  can better understand what they are trying to say so I can really figure out my claims, because at first my claim was just rewording Gee’s ideas.


Letter to Peer Reviewers

  1. My Question or Issue – For this paper I chose to write about the question: Why do people acquire secondary discourses? Are they forced or motivated to do so? In the third paragraph I state my views on the question and answer it in my own words. This is my question, but I’m not sure if I am correct when I say that Gee believes people are forced to acquire and Brandt believes people are motivated.
  2. My Data Shows – I did not yet quite get to the Rising Carin literacy part. I did make notes to use mine as an example, not sure if I was supposed to. Also from last semester I remembered that Myles wrote a story that I can use as evidence for being motivated to acquire a new discourse. When I edit for my second draft I need to find one more literacy narrative. I am having a little trouble with narrowing my ideas down and need to find specific passages and quote to make my argument stronger.
  3. I’m Adding to the Scholarly Conversation –I think I am adding the somewhat hidden ideas about motivation and forcing. None of the sources specifically say that people are forced/motivated but that is what I understood from what they were saying.
  4. I’m affirming or challenging a Concept in X – in this section, try to specify how your contribution affirms or challenges (or both!) some specific ideas/concepts/points in your chosen scholarly sources. Where in the paper draft can the reader find that work? If you don’t think you’re doing either of these things yet, write that. Signal that you’d like some help from peers on this piece.

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