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Month: September 2016

Reading Superman and Me

Annotation helps to better understand the passage. You can underline important things, ask and answer question, and make notes on the passage to reflect back on later. In the habits of the creative mind it said to look out for reflectiveness, curiosity, persistence, attentiveness, and create. Sherman Alexie had many self reflective habits, being that it is a passage about his past. One in particular was the third paragraph. He reflected on when he first picked up his fathers books and tried to read. Another habit that goes along with the reflectiveness of Alexie’s childhood is hos persistence of trying to read even though he couldn’t not. Paragraph four he describes how he picked up a super man comic book and pretended to read. Sherman im compared all of the habits of a creative mind, especially persistence and reflectiveness.

My best literature pre write 

I took multiple approaches to the pre write including bulletpoints, lists, charts, and expanding off those ideas and writing more detailed notes and paragraphs. My best pre write was the second one where I took my bullet pointed notes from the first one and expanded on them in a better organized chart. 

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Hello, I am Ciara Oakley-Robbins and this is my ENG 122 College Reading and Writing page. I am a first year student at University of New England in Biddeford, Maine. My major is Psychology. My purpose of this site is to show improvement throughout the semester with my literacy skills. Join me on this journey to becoming a better writer!

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